Retreat Camp

Our inviting woodland retreat camp includes a small lodge for meeting and dining, two simple group cabins with bunk space for 16 people, and a bath house with two hot water showers and four odor-free, Earth-friendly, composting toilets. In the name of sustainability and in an effort to create as unique and meaningful experience as possible, we have made an intentional decision to limit electric power at the retreat camp to that which can be generated by the sun for simple LED lighting. We also limit group size to a manageable 24 people for day retreats, and 16-20 for overnights. Minimum group size is 10 participants.

Barn Complex

The barn includes a group gathering space with wooden bench seating, a cow stall and stanchion, a sheep shed, two hen houses, and three odor-free, Earth-friendly, composting toilets. Near the barn is the brooder house where day-old chicks are housed under heat lamps until they feather out, a grassy area for games, and a picnic area where groups can enjoy packed lunches they bring with them. Several gardens are within walking distance of the barn.