Plowshares Farm Center for Education and Spirituality

Step away from your everyday routine. Leave behind daily concerns. Slow down. Be mindful. Enter into the life of Plowshares Farm. We offer groups of all ages, from preschoolers to adults, opportunities to reconnect with basic elements of life as experienced here on the farm. From simple educational programs for school children, to more involved immersions in farm living, and reflective retreats, we offer opportunities for you to:

  • Engage your body, your mind, and your spirit. We offer you and your group a whole-person experience, providing opportunities for you to share in simple labor, to engage in active learning, and to experience moments of silence and reflection.
  • Explore themes of kinship, reverence, and covenant. Woven through your experience at Plowshares will be opportunities to consider the deep sense of communion that defines our existence, the sacredness of such connections, and the responsibility we share as human beings for the continuing cultivation of these relationships in our everyday lives.
  • Encounter the sacred mystery. You will be encouraged, in your own personal way, to open your heart to deeper meaning. Through time for silent contemplation or group reflection and discussion, you will have the opportunity to more fully develop a sense of reverence in the face of life and death realities on the farm and in nature.

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Plowshares' work is funded by program fees, grants, and private donations. Tax-deductible donations can be made through PayPal, or you can write a check to Plowshares Farm Center and mail it to:

Plowshares Farm Center for Education and Spirituality

12704 Campbellsville Road
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