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Plowshares Farm Center for Education and Spirituality

Step off the beaten path, and join us on the farm for an opportunity to share in the routine, yet sacred, realities of life lived in communion with the land. Through Plowshares programs, we offer opportunities for adults, youth, and children to experience the daily and seasonal routines of farm life while celebrating the sacred presence that animates it all.

Our efforts are aimed at facilitating a deeper understanding of, and intentional investment in, the relationships we share with our planet home, with all living beings, and with the Divine Mystery that we encounter when our hearts are open to the possibility. We call it “cultivating communion." We offer opportunities for people to get their hands in the dirt, to sit in silence in the sacred presence, or to engage in meaningful discussion, in an effort to bring them face-to-face with the undeniable reality of our intimate oneness with Earth and all life it supports. We challenge them to be more intentional about those relationships and to consider their place and their role in the cosmos as they go about their everyday lives.

Be they school children watching in wonder as milk flows from a cow’s udder, college students reflecting on their connections to all life in an experience of woodland solitude, or adults contemplating the dance of life and death as they prepare a meal together, we hope all visitors to the farm leave with a quiet peace, a powerful sense of our intimate connectedness, and a conviction to live out an intentional and compassionate response. We are of this Earth and we are of God. We are conscious beings with both physical and mystical dimensions, aware of our common origins and the effect our lives have on other beings on this planet. We play an active role in the further evolution of life here on Earth, and we have a unique responsibility for that life. Join us for a program, come for a day of work, or stay for a rustic weekend immersion in the life of this place we call Plowshares. We trust you'll find your time here to be meaningful and enjoyable.

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